Enterprise Data Discovery and Classification at an Unbelievable Price Point

Where’s Your Data?

Protect Sensitive Data in Realtime, Anywhere

For a limited time, Quadriga DLP is offering a free, time limited, subscription of its CyberVisionTM Data Discovery, Data Classification SaaS Service

September 20, 2016

Newport Beach, CA  USA

Organizations can now run an unlimited number of Enterprise Data Discovery with automatic data classification scans on an unlimited number of targets including PCs, File-shares, PST/OST, Exchange, Cloud apps including Box,  DropBox, Azure, OneDrive, Google Drive and Databases.  The system as a simple download for a 3 day free trail and is priced at only $249 / month!

Complete visibility across all users, folders and file activity

Quadriga CyberVisonTM helps organizations shift from a position of hypothesis to one of reality knowing exactly what and where sensitive data is at any given point in time.  Cloud based, the Quadriga CyberVisionTM next generation enterprise data discovery service scans for sensitive data  then automatically classifies and inventories data based on an organizations’ unique policies.

CyberVisionTM discovers data (structured and unstructured, regardless of file type) which an organization deems sensitive, such as social security numbers, employee salaries, credit card numbers, patent application data, source code snippets, and so on; while having no impact on the user experience or changes to the network infrastructure.

“  As the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property, pioneer for DLP for Compliance and consistently positioned as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention with the latest Gartner Peer Insight Review being 5 out of 5 stars,  the Quadriga CyberVision platform is yet another example of our superior technology and market leadership” 

says Wendy Cohen, Practice Manager of GTB Technologies, Inc.    

“Being the only true independent company in the market, we’re able to offer an award winning, Enterprise information protection solution at an unbelievable, unheard of price point.   Quadriga DLP’s Enterprise CyberVisionTM SaaS Platform definitely offers a savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations of any size.”

Powered by GTB Technologies’ Enterprise DLP that Works Intelligent Search Platform; Quadriga DLP is the answer to expensive data protection offerings which are inaccurate, challenging to implement, difficult to upgrade, and tough to innovate.   Data covered by regulatory compliance statues including  Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), GLBA, HIPAA, PII, CA SB1386, CA AB1950, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, The US Patriot Act, FERC/NERC, CEII,  GDPR, Export Control / ITAR, EAR, ISO 27001, NERC CIP,
FINRA 17a-4, FISMA,  PCI, ITAR, DOD Information Assurance, UK GSC, US CUI, US DoDM 5200.01-V2EU,  Data Protection directive, Data Breach Notification Law, NPP-9, PDPA, PIPEDA,   Law 152-FZ "On Personal Data" Code Federal Financial Markets Service, the Joint UK Corporate Governance Code, the Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens, the Data Protection Act  (“DPA”) can be identified with security and privacy risks mitigated easily and accurately.

Quadriga CyberVisionTM provides an organization the unsurpassed ability to:

  • Discover, Identify, Locate, Classify & Inventory- your critical data and its locations - Simple & Easy - based on Content & Context.
  • See & Control your Data- from who is accessing it, where it's being sent, copied or transmitted.
  • See &Automated Remediation Policies - with rich content discovery and classification, organizations can define and enforce granular policies that help automate data governance and data controls
  • Real-Time Monitoring - be notified when a user saves a file with sensitive content
  • Continuous Compliance - Scan on demand or scheduled
  • Ensure Data Removal - while reporting Violations
  • Enterprise Reporting - dynamic reports based on departments, users, channels, geographic locations, etc.
  • Agent-less and Agent Options - Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Disruptive Detection Not"hampered by false positives"
  • Covers Threats- from Insiders, Outsiders and Trusted Employees
  • Safeguard Employee Privacy  
  • Educate & Promote End User Security Awareness
  • Seamless Integration-with the most advanced and scalable data protection platforms in the industry
  • Extend Existing DLP / Data Protection Policies

Some of the Many Benefits:

  • Utilize the most advanced, unparalleled data detection engines used by 1,000's worldwide
  • Comprehensive view and understanding of your data landscape
  • Immediate Results
  • Enterprise Reports
  • Protect Brand & Reputation
  • Reduce Financial Loss
  • Reduce Risk of Data Loss
  • Continuous Monitoring with Dynamic Classification and Inventory
  • Cost effective for both the small organization and the large enterprise


Free Service Now Available

Quadriga CyberVisonTM is a subscription-based, security-as-a-service offering now available at www.quadrigadlp.com


About Quadriga DLP

With platforms and solutions focused on eliminating the most advanced cyber attacks and threats -  those coming from the inside; Quadriga CyberVision is the only on-demand data protection SaaS Service which proactively secures sensitive data, accurately against cyber threats before attacks intensify and do severe damage.

The Quadriga CyberVisionTM Platform is powered by the creator of “DLP for Intellectual Property” & Gartner Visionary, GTB Technologies’ market leading DLP that Works Platform and is the answer to expensive data protection offering which are inaccurate, challenging to implement, difficult to upgrade and tough to innovate.

 About GTB Technologies, Inc.

GTB Technologies dba Quadriga DLP is the Next Generation Data Protection Company.  As the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property, GTB Technologies’ DLP that Works Platform developed with unique, innovative intelligent algorithms and unmatched capabilities provide its customers with superior Enterprise Data Protection than legacy systems created from a hodgepodge of acquisitions.

 Being the creator of DLP for Intellectual Property and consistently positioned as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention, the GTB Technologies Data Protection “DLP that Works” platform prevents the loss of confidential or protected data over a wide range of network protocols, applications, cloud storage apps, data formats and usage scenarios.  An attempted data leak is blocked, even if the protected data was altered from its original form through format conversion, copying, extracting, embedding, re-typing, compression, file extension changes and so on.