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Sensitive data remains Confidential thus allowing an organization the ability to provide collaboration in today's perimeter-less environment!

The Quadriga CyberVisionTM Data Discovery & Dynamic "DLP 2.0" Data Classification service helps to ensure the management, classification, inventory and control of sensitive data.  

Our advanced, next generation enterprise data discovery service scans for sensitive data, then automatically classifies and inventories data based on your unique policies.  We discover data (structured and unstructured, regardless of file type)  which an organization deems sensitive, such as social security numbers, employee salaries, credit card numbers, patent application data, source code snippets, etc.

Discover confidential data across the enterprise, automatically classifing the data to appropriately secure it;  including placing controls defining where confidential data can be stored or moved to across and beyond the network perimeter.

Template and Custom Policies

for hundreds of industry and / regulatory compliance laws, such as PCI, PII, HIPAA, HITECH, CDM, ITAR, FISMA, FERC, NERC, CEII, GDPR, GLBA, SOX and so on.

Enterprise Reports

provide detailed recommendations and actionable information on how your organization is currently using and storing sensitive data.

Enterprise Centralized Management

Quadriga CyberVision provides organizations with a Unified Data Centric Policy Approach.  One which offers centralized security and compliance management which provides the overall control and visibility needed to manage advanced threats, prevent data loss, enforce compliance while protecting the brand and reputation.

Centrally manage data security policies and controls across unstructured, semi-structured and structured repositories or silos.

3 binocular ICONS FROM eDiscoveryQuadriga CyberVision's combination of Intelligent Search and Detection with its' unique Data Classification and data collection features and capabilities, creates a tool which provides an organization the unsurpassed ability to:

  • Discover, Identify, Locate, Classify & Inventory - your critical data and its locations - Simple & Easy - based on Content & Context.
  • See & Control your Data - from who is accessing it, where it's being sent, copied or transmitted. 
  • See &Automated Remediation Policies - with rich content discovery and classification, organizations can define and enforce granular policies that help automate data governance and data controls
  • Real-Time Monitoring - be notified when a user saves a file with sensitive content
  • Continuous Compliance - Scan on demand or scheduled
  • Ensure Data Removal - while reporting Violations
  • Enterprise Reporting - dynamic reports based on departments, users, channels, geographic locations, etc.  
  • Agent-less and Agent Options - Linux, Mac, Windows  
  • Disruptive Detection - Not "hampered by false positives" 
  • Covers Threats - from Insiders, Outsiders and Trusted Employees  
  • Remove information once it becomes a liability 
  • Safeguard Employee Privacy  
  • Quickly and Accurately find relevant data for compliance, regulatory and legal requests
  • Educate & Promote End User Security Awareness
  • Seamless Integration-with the most advanced and scalable data protection platforms in the industry
  • Extend Existing DLP / Data Protection Policies


Ensure that both structured and unstructured data is accurately discovered, automatically classified and inventoried so that it can be shared and stored securely.

  • Utilize the most advanced, unparalleled data detection engines used by 1,000's worldwide
  • Comprehensive view and understanding of your data landscape
  • Immediate Results
  • Enterprise Reports
  • Protect Brand & Reputation
  • Reduce Financial Loss
  • Reduce Risk of Data Loss
  • Helps provide proactive data Security
  • Continuous Monitoring with Dynamic Classification and Inventory
  • Cost effective for both the small organization and the large enterprise

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Classify and Discover Where Sensitive Data Is Stored Across Your Entire Infrastructure   ... Define, Control & Enforce Policies Consistently Across Your Environment including cloud based EFSS and multiple data silos

Local PCs, Fileshares, Exchange, PST/OST, Azure, Office 365, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Databases, ....

All included for a very low monthly fee

Quadriga CyberVision Discovery is available as a per-license subscription $249/user/month (estimated retail price)

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