Core Technology of Enterprise Data Discovery – Data Classification

Core Technology of Enterprise Data Discovery - Data Classification

Technology Foundation -  AccuMatchTM Detection Engines with Intelligent Smart Search

One of the key differentiators to Quadriga's CyberVision System is its proprietary, patented and patent-pending Data AccuMatchTM detection and Intelligent Smart Search algorithms, which allow CyberVision to detect and match pre-defined data with proven unprecedented, unrivaled accuracy and speed.


Unmatched Intelligence

AccuMatchTM Detection Engines are so advanced with the unique proven ability to accurately detect partial file matches on greater than 10 terabytes of unstructured fingerprinted data without network degradation!

CyberVision's proprietary technology is so innovative and intelligent, that unlike others, the detection engine doesn't "choke" when moving into the Multi-Terabyte range.


Binary & Text Data Inspection

Both file and file-less data, Both text and binary data are protected.    Both structured data (social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank accounts etc.) and unstructured data (reports, memos, designs, source code, agreements, patent applications, MRI files, etc.) are protected.  Within documents, both visible and invisible data are protected. Optional, OCR inspection  covers scanned images, screen shots, and the like.


Core Detection & Analysis Algorithms

Methods for describing sensitive content are abundant.  They can be divided into two categories: precise methods and imprecise methods.

Precise methods are, by definition, those that involve Content Registration and trigger almost zero false positive incidents.

All other methods are imprecise.  They include:  keywords, lexicons, regular expressions, extended regular expressions, meta data tags, Bayesian analysis, statistical analysis such as Machine Learning, behavior analytics, hierarchical threat modeling etc.

Combined with the proprietary algorithms, CyberVision's AccuMatchTM detection algorithms have virtually zero false positives and a very high resilience to data modifications including:

Excerpting, inserting, file type conversion, formatting,    ASCII ->UNICODE conversion,     UNIX–Windows conversion,   partial data match, and so on.


File Cracking

Unlike others, the CyberVision Detection Engines use numerous proprietary techniques for file cracking.  The process does not require knowledge of the file type, does not require the location of the beginning of the file nor its end in the data stream.

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