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PC & Fileshare Data Discovery

Discovers and Classifies
Local PC & Fileshare Discovery

EXCHANGE, PST / OST Data Discovery

Discovers Sensitive Data
Exchange, PST / OST Data Discovery

Azure ... O365 ... BOX ... DropBox

OneDrive ... and More!
Discover & Classify

DataBase Data Discovery

DataBase Data Discovery
Discover, Classify & Inventory

Discover, Classify & Protect Sensitive Data

Unrivaled Disruptive Detection - Immediate Results with Enterprise Reporting
Analyze Databases, Cloud apps, Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, Fileshares, Local machines and more for unstructured and structured data,

Quadriga CyberVisionTM Illuminates & Eliminates Threats  

The most effective security technology to protect information from the bombardment of malicious attacks and other threats

Locate, understand, protect, classify and catalog sensitive data - accurately and in real-time.  Protect sensitive data, identify risks, optimize security policies and ensure compliance in real-time, on any device, including native apps.  


Classify & Protect Sensitive Data

Immediate Results with Enterprise Reports
Discover, Classify & Inventory


Quadriga CyberVisionTM   Ensures Compliance

Address Insider Threats ...   with the most complete data classification solution available on the market today.  Protect sensitive data including: PII, PCI, HIPAA, DPA, FERPA, FERC / NERC, GDPR , GLBA, ITAR, NPP-9, PDPA, PIPEDA, SOX ...  Unlimited scanning!   ...  Enterprise Reports & Workflow ...  Structured & Unstructured Data  ...  Educate End-Users, plus many more features



Protect, Catalog & Inventory Sensitive Data

Download & Go with Immediate Enterprise Reports
Discover, Classify, Protect & Inventory

GTB Report w screen CC Report 1

Quadriga CyberVisionTM   Discovery with Dynamic "DLP 2.0" Data Classification

Unrivaled Disruptive Detection ... Immediate Results, Enterprise Reports

  • Analyze Databases, Cloud Apps:( BOX, Dropbox, Google, ...) Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, File Shares, Local Machines for sensitive data!
  • Stay Compliant while protecting your brand and critical assets


About us


CyberVision Data Discovery / Dynamic Data Classification Service, powered by the creator of “DLP for IP” & Gartner Visionary, GTB Technologies' market leading DLP that Works Platform; the Quadriga CyberVision platform is the answer to expensive data protection offerings which are inaccurate, challenging to implement, difficult to upgrade, and tough to innovate.

With platforms and solutions focused on eliminating the most advanced cyber attacks and threats: those coming from the inside; Quadriga CyberVision, is the only On-Demand Data Protection Service which proactively secures sensitive data, accurately, against cyber threats before attacks intensify and do severe damage.

Quadriga DLP "Built Today to be Secured for Tomorrow! TM"